News and Analysis (1/19/10)

Unable to fulfill their promise to close Guantanamo within a year, the Obama administration also may be involved in a serious cover-up over the “possible homicides” of several detainees:

“The Civil Defense teams said that this was a deliberate Israeli attempt to flood the area after the Israeli authorities opened the dams allowing the water through”:

Demonstrating the ineffectiveness of Afghan security forces to protect their own government in its capital city:

Accusations of Baathist allegiance by the commission headed by Ahmad Chalabi, notorious for providing “faulty intelligence to the United States in the run-up to the war, and Ali Faisal al-Lami, a former U.S. detainee” bodes ill for Iraqi democracy:

“All these fields of relations [with Britain] are under study and each case will be reviewed upon the country’s national interests and at the end the government will make the final decision”:

A breakdown of the separation of church and state in an embarrassing context:


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