News and Analysis (1/20/10)

Overshadowed by Israeli violations covered in the report, allegations of Palestinian misconduct offer an opportunity  for action that would boost both the Goldstone report’s credibility and Hamas and PA standing in the international community:

Aafia Siddiqi is ejected from the courtroom; of the only charge against her, her attorney says that “the only bullets and gun residue found on the scene came from the shots fired at Siddiqui and that she had never open fire”:

With over $64 billion spent on humanitarian and reconstruction projects since 2001, frustration grows on both sides as negligible progress has been made:

“U.S. officials say they have quietly warned the Iraqis that there is a real possibility the U.S. and the international community will refuse to accept the elections as legitimate if the ban is upheld”:

US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke says the plan “can’t be any worse” than previous efforts:

Egypt’s only political capital with Washington is its influence on Arabs, especially the Palestinians, but the more it aligns itself with Washington and Israel, the less influence it has:

Among the most serious security risks is a group of nearly ten Americans who moved Yemen, converted to Islam and join the fundamentalists:


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