News and Analysis (1/21/10)

Jared Malsin, chief English editor of the Maan News has been deported from the West Bank after refusing to answer questions about his “anti-Israeli” views …

… Meanwhile, Netanyahu makes the outrageous claim that Israeli troops must be allowed to operate in any future and “sovereign[!]” Palestinian State:

Adopting a new “code of conduct” to reposition themselves as a “local liberation movement” and regain popularity among the people of Afghanistan,

Thought to suffer a wider level of discrimination than any other religious group, 53% of Americans view Islam “unfavorably”:

“They are trying to position Ariel as a normal Israeli city. The university is one of the tools they are using to attract people from the outside… An Israeli can drive to Ariel without even noticing they are in the West Bank”:

Despite winning a tough battle against his political opposition to remain in power, Zardari is still viewed as a weak and relatively ineffective politician:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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