News and Analysis (1/22/10)

Will the U.S. grant detainees held as prisoners of war in order to avoid safeguards criminals have against detention without charge and coerced testimony the rights of prisoners of war under teh Geneva Convention?

Despite Gates attempt to personally appeal the decision, Pakistani military commanders cite “overstretched” resources:

A prominent Sunni candidate barred form the election says if the U.S. can’t guarantee “democracy, they should leave right away from Iraq, because their presence means nothing”:

Exhibit A in how little some Muslims understand liberty, Hassen Chalghoumi tells Muslims who disagree with is interpretation of modest dress to leave the country:

Entering his presidency with high expectations for the Israeli / Palestine conflict, Obama admits the US overestimated its ability to influence the negotiation process:

Israeli offers relief to Haiti as it blocks relief to Gaza:

A controversial snub of Championship caliber Pakistani players is believed to highlight the fact “that India is not serious about the peace process with Pakistan”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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