News and Analysis (1/25/10)

Perhaps bin Laden’s role was mainly inspirational:

Despite the desperate circumstances, skeptics argue the court system will not have the political power to coax the ISI into cooperating with the investigation:

The first step in facilitating a negotiation process with the Taliban:

Opponents say the sudden enforcement of the 1994 law restricting alcohol sales to “to licensed stores and a few private clubs and hotels” is an attempt to garner favor among religious voters by al-Maliki:

With at least 15 are arrested in peace protests against the eviction of Palestinians in Jerusalem …

… Netanyahu shores up roadblocks to peace by claiming parts of the West Bank “will be an inseparable part of the state of Israel forever”:

“You are a superpower and we will help you fight the extremists, but you cannot buy us… You can give us aid, but give us respect and dignity, too. Otherwise, you will spill your blood and spend your money, and the people will still hate you” – Talha Mehmood, a senator from a pro-government religious party:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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