News and Analysis (1/26/2010)

“I stand firmly by the belief that cheating took place in the election and the results were doubtful, and I believe the vote count was completely rigged…. However, since Mr. Khamenei endorsed Mr. Ahmadinejad, for this very reason I consider him the president of the current government of this system.” — ”  Karroubi quoted by his son:

There is negligible evidence that concerns of fraud and corruption can be resolved by the unconstitutional delay of the elections to an inopportune date just after Ramadan:

The proposed law would prevent anyone in full veil from using public services, including hospitals, schools and public transportation:

With four death sentences for his role in the killing of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shiites previously blamed on Iran:

In a strategy based on the premise that 80% of Taliban foot soldiers fight for money and local grievances rather than as resistance to foreign invaders, jobs, protection and amnesty will be the incentive to lay down their arms:

The Houthis withdraw from Saudi Arabia but pledge to engage in “open war” if Saudi forces continue to pursue the group:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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