News and Analysis (2/09/10)

“Rather than reflecting a major change in the country’s nuclear capabilities, Mr. Leyne says the announcements are most likely Mr. Ahmadinejad politicking before anti-government protests begin this Thursday on the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Republic”:

Divisions emerge in the best strategy for Afghanistan, whether US troops should improve governance and populated areas or pursue Taliban fighters into the country side …

… Meanwhile, Gates lobbies for more foreign troops bringing the total troop surge numbers in at 50,000:

Examining the crucial election issues, “basic services, economic development, security — all seem to stem from identity as much as politics. ‘First ethnicity, second political party’”:

For those who believe Afghanistan can only be won through improving national security forces, there is, shockingly, only one institution doing the training:

The opening occurred in spite of a serious economic crisis, but now unexpectedly,


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