News and Analysis (9/14/19)

“[T]he peaceful handover of power, a rarity in the Arab world, belies the political instability and economic stagnation that have plagued the country” which still has no constitutional court to resolve ambiguities:

“The national security adviser departed abruptly after President Trump suggested he might lift some sanctions as an incentive for Tehran to get to the negotiating table” …

… but Bolton’s exit comes too late to prevent China from capitalizing on America’s sabotage of Iranian-European relations:

Is there any hope the Canadian courts will seize Israeli assets to compensate the American victims of terrorism by the IDF and Israeli subsidized settlers?

“CAIR’s litigation director Ahmed Mohamed slammed CBP in a statement to, accusing the agency of ignoring the need for “reasonable suspicion” to conduct searches”:

Annexation would horrify the international community and formalize for a Jewish minority to rule a non-Jewish majority, but Netanyahu thinks he can get away with it while Donald Trump is President of Israel’s strongest ally:

“The refusal to grant permits to Palestinian residents has confined them to crowded, poorly served neighborhoods, with around half the population believed to be at risk of having their homes demolished”:

“Over 310 Palestinians have been killed and about 18,000 others injured by Israeli forces since the outbreak of the Great March of Return protests at Gaza border on March 30, 2018”:

Iran promised only not to sell the oil directly to EU-sanctioned countries. It sold the oil to without strings to a private company which then likely sold it to Syria:

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