News and Analysis (2/20-21/10)

Like Christians who turned to home schooling, Muslims are attracted by the higher educational standards, the integration of religious education, and the avoiding the drawbacks of government and Islamic schools:

A repeat of the lethal aftermath of the boycott if the first post-Saddam election would be a disaster for legitimacy of the new government:

Arrested and detained for 17 months without charge, Ibrahim Jassam Mohammed is finally freed:

The question is does giving a sermon in English violate Islamic law or abandon immigrant culture or does giving a sermon in a language the young people do not speak a sure way to obscure their religion and culture?

Can the Nobel Prize winner’s popularity create the spark need to end Mubarak’s 28 year hold over Egyptian politics:

According to sources with knowledge of Mossad, Netanyahu authorized the assassination of al-Mabhouh:

As water becomes more scarce around the region, issues of water waste and sustainability come into play:


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