News and Analysis (2/22/10)

Marja is much less important than Kandahar, but McChrystal needs a win soon to shore up domestic support for the war and “to show Afghans that U.S. forces and the Afghan government can protect them from the Taliban” …

… But actions contradict promises, leaving at least 33 civilians dead and 12 injured …

Barking orders in Hebrew, Israeli troops throw “concussion grenades and tear gas at the elderly, women, children, the priest doing the prayer, other town people and internationals”:

Corruption at the top gives “capitalism” a bad name in Afghanistan:

The new law will enable female lawyers “to represent women in marriage, divorce, custody and other family cases”:

Fareed Zakaria argues for containment, not invasion:

Will Iraqis be able to maintain stability through the elections and as US troops withdraw in August in a former focal point for sectarian violence?


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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