News and Analysis (2/23/10)

Examining the legality of the CIA’s decision to destroy videotapes of harsh interrogation methods, which included wall-slamming and waterboarding:

Unimpressed by promises of government services not provided by the Taliban, locals counter the Taliban didn’t bother them, while “Your government drops bombs on us;” two years to prove things will be better:

As stone throwing Palestinian protesters are met with tear gas and stun grenades…

… Robert Serry, the UN envoy for Middle East peace, asserts, “These sites are in occupied Palestinian territory and are of historical and religious significance not only to Judaism but also to Islam, and to Christianity as well”:

Despite sectarian contentions ahead of Iraq’s elections, analysts believe  US influence is waning and Iraqis would strongly oppose a delayed withdraw:

“Show me one verse of the Qur’an that is against tolerance, human rights and democracy. Then I too shall be for secularism” — a young Pakistani girl:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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