News and Analysis (2/24/10)

A law that makes it illegal for American groups to give lawful advice to terrorist groups on how to pursue peaceful means to ending conflict” is not just unconstitutional; it’s stupid:

As Obama pushes for increased European commitment, does withdrawal of the first NATO ally from Afghanistan signal a move in the other direction?

“‘Despite a world abuzz with religious fervor,’ the task force says, ‘the U.S. government has been slow to respond effectively to situations where religion plays a global role'”:

Karzai unilaterally rewrote an election law that will allow him to select all five members of the Election Complaint Commission created to oversee voting irregularities:

Can it lead to a comprehensive peace plan that will end the conflict?

An Afghani shopkeeper wants to ask “McChrystal if he had lost his family in such an incident… And if someone called to apologize, what would his reaction be? An apology doesn’t bring anyone back to life”:

Despite undermining Indian, Pakistani, and US interests, the Obama Administration has set low expectations for improved relations:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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