News and Analysis (2/25/10)

With four coups since 1960, the arrests indicate that civilian rule has deepened enough to challenge the military for ultimate authority in Turkey:

Records “show that Afghan passengers took more than $180 million to Dubai during a two-month period starting in July. If that rate held for the entire year, the amount of cash that left Afghanistan in 2009 would have far exceeded the country’s annual tax and other domestic revenue of about $875 million”:

Expectations of votes largely divided by sect raises the question of which Shi’a group will emerge as leader of the majority:

“Khan says she was initially told she could wear a hijab, or headscarf, but a visiting district manager said scarves were not allowed during work hours”:

As the list of suspects continues to grow, Israel remains silent:

As his father sits in an Israeli prison for political activity:

Syria hopes to play a crucial role in mediating peace negotiations between Iran and the West:

The state has never executed anyone under the law, but angry mobs have killed “many”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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