News and Analysis (2/26/10)

In what has become the most dangerous country  in the world for journalists, the government has recently implemented legislation described as “an alarming return to authoritarianism”:

80% of imports arrive through the tunnels creating a powerful mafia in Gaza leading some dreamers to hope that closure will force Israel to ease up on the ban that necessitated them in the first place:

The reinstatement is particularly confusing given the Iraqi governments attempts to ban hundreds of former Baathist politicians:

Despite or because of U.S. efforts there is a “sense that Iran is gaining influence” across the Middle East…

… And the US faces a difficult battle in enacting tougher sanctions on Iran:

Despite sweeping arrests that captured 7 of the top 15 Taliban leaders, ” still intact are a roster of experienced leaders who can take their arrested comrades’ place as well as several subcommittees that each oversee sections of the country”:

Afghanis with no ethnic or ideological ties to the Taliban can be bought out, but how long will they wait to be paid?


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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