News and Analysis (2/28/10)

After clashes in Hebron and four Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers near Bethlehem:

“Tens of millions of Iranians are calling for a halt to censorship, restrictions, repression, adventurism and ambivalence in foreign diplomacy, ruinous economic polices and the expansion of corruption and lies… Our people very well understand the difference between merciful religiousness and power grabbers in the clothes of religion”:

Security forces remain on high alert for what is widely believed to be the most crucial vote since the 2003 US-led invasion:

Signs the political unrest in Yemen will not be quieted anytime soon:

Father says his son “is only a scholar of Islam and I believe that this has nothing to do with terrorism,” and if his pronouncements violate American law he should be legally prosecuted, not killed by a drone:

Afghani officials expect to have complete control of the Bagram Prison by January 2011:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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