News and Analysis (9/17/19)

Blaming Iran for a Houthi attack is “a pretext … to make war on Iran,” that ignores that MbS attacked Yemen “because Saudi Arabia had been used to having major influence on Yemen through dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh” …

… They claim photos show “points of impact … that appear to have originated from the north or northwest” ruling out Yemen as the source but “some of the strikes in the images appeared to have come from the west” …

… but “other nations have not supported Pompeo’s assertion that [Iran] was responsible” and “the Houthi rebels … claim that their forces fired the drone without any external help save that from Houthi inside Saudi Arabia” …

… and a West Point study showing the Houthis are now the “most powerful military entity in [their] country” contradicts claims that the Houthis are incapable of the such an attack:

“Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, a presidential hopeful whose popularity has been tarnished by a sluggish economy and the rising cost of living, could well turn out to be the election’s biggest loser”:

“Joseph Cecil Vandevere directed a tweet at Virginia state senate “candidate Qasim Rashid. The tweet included a picture of a lynching and read, ‘VIEW YOUR DESTINY'”:

One co-founder dared to write “about a 2001 FBI investigation of five Israeli nationals who were witnessed smiling and celebrating and taking pictures of the burning Twin Towers … [who were] deported without charge”:

A social media manager who had put quotes of Prophet Muhammad on the site was shocked to find her overlords had removed it all saying “they wanted to do away with anything overtly Islamic”:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month that Iran has no immunity anywhere and that the Israeli military forces “will act — and currently are acting — against them”:

“The expelling of Qaterji’s group and the bold move by the Iranian militias reveals a deepening conflict within the camp of the Assad regime and its allies consisting of Iran, Russia and various Arab tribes”:

“Mr. Netanyahu is shameless. Mr. Gantz is blind. Palestinians see no prospect in this election. How could they?”

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