News and Analysis (3/20-21/10)

Aaron Miller says, “Obama came out harder, louder and faster than any of his predecessors on this issue” of illegal settlements, but “tough talking points” are not enough to push both sides “to a breakthrough” …

… Meanwhile, two new polls indicating only 41%-46% of Isrealis support a freeze on the illegal settlements in East Jerusalem:

Denied free trade and productive enterprise by the occupation and the siege,  Gaza’s economic survival depends Hamas, Fatah, international sympathy e.g., from Iran and the UN) and the underground smuggling tunnels …

… Meanwhile, IDF forces deny reports staying they used live ammunition to suppress Palestinian protesters:

By “extending” rather  than “denying” the visa application of the youngest recipient  of the prestigious Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, the U.S. avoids having to explain its actions:

McCrystal other senior officials strongly fear using Bagram air base as the new Guantanamo “could make the job of stabilizing the country even tougher”:

Exploring Iran’s long history of turning its international allies into political enemies:


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