News and Analysis (3/23/10)

Ahmadinejad proposes $40 billion in cuts to food and gas government subsidies, but will he just spend it elsewhere, and for what?…

… Meanwhile President Obama reaffirms his commitment to negotiations between Iran and the US while distancing the Iranian people from Iranian leadership:

More than 350 journalists  and employees are protesting against the move of the Qatar-based NGO funding the portal to bar them from doing their work:

The Enough Project’s John Prendergast says, “Pouring money into this environment is a recipe for ongoing instability,…” but some diplomats say the JEM rebels will “no longer receive arms and logistical support from the Chadian government to carry out attacks against Sudan”:

Indicating fundamental changes in Turkey, the proposal would make it harder to ban political parties while making it easier to try military officials in civilian courts:

“A huge part of the antiwar movement has been focused on the Bush administration and its policies in Iraq and Afghanistan… Bush is gone. Millions of people thought his exit would mean an end to these wars”:

Reconciliation talks are necessary, and no one expects the Taliban to negotiate without receiving some share of political power in the deal:


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