News and Analysis (3/24/10)

Rami Khouri, editor at large of Beirut’s Daily Star says “real pain beyond the Arab-Israeli arena” Israel inflicts on the U.S. makes it necessary to  suggest that Washington’s “ironclad commitment to Israel’s basic security … does not include unconditional support for Israel’s colonization policies”…

…Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Miliband presented the case to Parliament and cited “compelling reasons” to believe Israel was responsible for foreign passports to carryout the assassination in Dubai:

Army Spec. Zachari Klawonn was ordered not to fast and pray, his Koran was torn up, other soldiers jeered and threw water bottles at him and his platoon sergeant warned him to hide his faith to avoid beatings from fellow troops:

Titled the “National Rescue Agreement”, the plan centers on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan; but will the Taliban go along, and can Hekmatyar be trusted?

Concerned about child marriage, but oblivious to the problem of unwed mothers, the General People’s Congress is having difficulty rallying support to raise the legal marriage age to 18:

US and Pakistan continue to act cautiously as they move forward as allies:


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