News and Analysis (3/25/10)

Signaling satisfaction with Pakistan as its partner in the war, US agrees to a $7.5 billion development package as well as nearly $1 billion in unresolved reimbursement for counterinsurgency operations:

Unsatisfied with their small margin of victory, members of al-Maliki’s Shiite coalition threaten to cut oil supplies to Baghdad and accuse US officials of rigging the vote:

With only 25 Muslims in Quebec believed to actually wear face-coverings, some challenge the legislation as “a knee-jerk reaction to the opposition and vote-grabbing”:

While continuing to reaffirm the US commitment to Israel, Clinton’s objections to the “status quo” and continuing settlement construction seem empty without substantial policy change behind them …

“I am very proud that I am able to restore not only Pharaonic, but also Islamic and Coptic and Jewish [sites], because all of these are a part of the Egyptian heritage,” — Zahi Hawass, the Supreme Council of Antiquities:

Cooperating with the United States, Sawah and Slahi have earned a few luxuries at Guantanamo but are stuck in the Administration’s inability to fulfill its promise to close the prison:

In a war started by lies, General Odierno has the thankless job of carrying “out Mr. Obama’s order to “’responsibly withdraw from Iraq,'”focus:


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