News and Analysis (3/26/10)

“Allawi, once known as ‘Saddam lite’ among Western officials, is reported to have personally shot several insurgents, a rumor he did nothing to discourage at the time”:

Coming on top of the baseline budget of $708 billion, the request causes Congress to question exactly how long we will remain in Afghanistan:

Would the PA have tried to stop Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from marrying his Jewish bride?

The sanctions policy was tailored to the needs of China and Russia …

… but Iran reaffirms its commitment to developing nuclear power and experts dismiss the notion that sanctions are an effective strategy to prevent the program’s development:

Will any progress be achieved as Netanyahu faces tough political pressure from both sides?

Arab nations’ pledge of $500 million for Palestinian development in Jerusalem is a “modest amount” compared to the $17.4bn spent by Israeli interests:

“The role of these women in all this war … is of silent sufferers…. To have a say in that context of the tribal system is extremely challenging” -Moneeza Hashmi, a prominent media figure and woman’s right activist:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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