News and Analysis (3/28/10)

Al-Maliki declares he will use every constitutionally legal means to challenge the Iraqi vote that left his State of Law party two seats behind Allawi’s Iraqiya list party:

As evidence mounts that Iran’s boast to build additional enrichment plants was not idle :

As “[t]eams of U.S. auditors will be sent to Pakistan to scrutinize whether the money is being spent on its intended targets”:

Revealingly, few of the child fighters committed to the reform school ever “attended the Islamic schools, or madrassas, often blamed for fueling radicalism in Pakistan”:

“The tribunal will hold trials of those suspected of committing crimes against humanity and genocide…. Only the Bangladeshis who formed auxiliary forces to aid the Pakistani army and committed crimes against humanity will be put on trial”:

Under the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, “Arab countries would normalize relations with Israel in return for a complete Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories and a fair settlement for Palestinian refugees”:


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