News and Analysis (3/29/10)

In a surprise visit of a few hours “under cover of darkness,” Obama specified goals for Karzai including merit-based “appointment of key government officials, battling corruption [and] taking the fight to the narco-traffickers”:

A Brookings Institute study reveals that an Israeli strike on Iran would quickly incite violence across the Middle East while providing little promise of setting back Iran’s nuclear program:

Failing to reach a consensus on an initiative, Arab leaders condemn Israeli policy and state “the ball is in their court”:

“The Council of Arab Orthodox Organizations urged the heads of churches in Jerusalem ‘to stand up to the discriminatory policies of Israel with the freedom of worship'”:

Normally at odds, “champions of an Islamic state and zealous secular nationalists” are united by “a shared fury at Washington and the hope that Beijing can put America in its place”:

A move that would “force tens of thousands of people to leave their homes” may encourage many to join the insurgency and fight the Pakistani government:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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