News and Analysis (3/31/10)

As Palestinian Christians and Muslims defy the Israeli travel ban, Israelis arrest people, a horse, and a donkey…

.. and MK Abbas Zaki, refuses “to recognise the legitimacy of the military court in trying a senior Palestinian official for participating in a peaceful march” marking Palm Sunday …

… while MK Jamal Zahalka calls Israel’s expropriation of “80 percent of the land of Arab citizens … ‘the biggest land robbery of the 20th century'”:

Some officials point to evidence, “largely circumstantial” that the Afghani “president’s brother is engaged in many activities that buoy the insurgency and undermine the Afghan state”:

Past sanctions have been ineffective, and the West should not provide Ahmadinejad with as a scape-goat for his failed policies:

Scholars reinterpret a 14th century fatwa by Ibn Taymiyya claiming that militant violence and the medieval Muslim division of the world into a “house of Islam” and “house of unbelief” no longer applies:

Hindus tearing down Muslim’s green banners to replace them with saffron ones ends in at least one dead and many others injured:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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