News and Analysis (4/7/10)

Although he is an American citizen, CIA agents are now authorized to kill Anwar al-Aulaqi:

Following injury with insult, Israel charges about £8,000 for storage fees and the clothes turned out to be ruined from years of sitting in shipping containers …

… Meanwhile, Palestine’s chief negotiator says, “[i]t appears that all the consultations that have happened with the Israeli government and the American administration and other states have reached a dead end, with Israeli positions insisting on a continuation of settlement”:

Protesting the decades old emergency law which restricts an array of personal rights:

As law makers work to restore Pakistani democracy to its original form, analysis highlight the fact that no elected government has ever lasted a full term and it seems the rule of law is often up for grabs:

President Obama’s Afghan strategy revolves around a complacent Afghani government, how will Karzai’s remarks change that scenario?


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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