News and Analysis (4/8/09)

Details seem to contradict the official police report as Imam Luqman was handcuffed from behind, shot 21 times, had a broken jaw and suffered from lacerations on his face:

In what appears to be an effort to defuse international criticism:

Turkey’s successful open border policy with Syria is “part of its effort to reach out to neighboring countries to build economic ties it hopes will also stabilize political relationships and expand its influence in the region”:

Experts believe Allawi and Maliki’s  parties strong performance in the election is an indication Iraqis are divided over who could deal better with sectarian problems:

“Israeli officials have long opposed the introduction of an unilateral American plan, while Arab officials have pressed hard for one, saying it is the only way to break the impasse”:

Egypt looks to recoup priceless historical artifacts removed from Egypt overtime:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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