News and Analysis (4/09/10)

“Special Forces account for a disproportionate share of civilian casualties caused by Western troops … though there are no precise figures because so many of their missions are deemed secret”:

There is no doubt al-Madadi made poor decisions, but did racial profiling escalate matters?

Among her revelations, that “the army used targeted assassinations against wanted Palestinians even when they knew that arrest was possible, in apparent violation of Israeli Supreme Court rulings”:

A new film exposes the depth of Israeli apartheid as a new polls reveals 50% of Jewish-Israeli schoolchildren believe Arab Israelis do not deserve equal rights:

With Mubarak’s time as president winding down, will the Brotherhood have a serious impact on the next election?

Experts remain divided on whether the new government will close the military base but everyone agrees the loss of Manas airfield would be a serious blow to US efforts in Afghanistan:


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