News and Analysis (4/12/10)

What “Washington deliberately ignores is that much of the extremism that poses a danger to the U.S. is fueled by its complicity in Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians”:

“This bus wasn’t like an a suicide bomber, and we did not touch or come close to the convoy, ” says a wounded passenger. “It seems they are opening fire on civilians intentionally”:

al-Awlaki’s father says his American-born son will yield under US threats “to abduct, capture, or kill him,” and “cease his statements and speeches against it” if it will take him off their hit list:

With no viable alternative leadership in place, Obama seeks overture with Karzai:

Winning third in a wildly popular television poetry contest,  Hissa’s poetry often criticized the religious establishment that challenged her ability to compete.

Women debate the place of the niqab in Islam and the culture as the 2009 World Economic Forum places Yemen as the worst country in the world to be a woman for the fourth year in a row:


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