News and Analysis (4/14/10)

A King Saud University professor says the current debate is making ending Saudi Arabia’s unique system of gender segregation, once unthinkable, “thinkable. Not do-able at this stage. Just thinkable”:

“There is not a single militant in the area,” protests Kashmalo Khan, a retired Frontier Corps officer who suffered a broken leg in the airstrike:

Confronted with a peaceful change of power for the first time, will the Iraqi military maintain impartiality?

Denying the allegation, Syria says the timing is “a cynical attempt by Israel to take the focus” away from increasing criticism of its persecution of the Palestinians and thwart American engagement …:

… Meanwhile, Obama admits “he had underestimated the obstacles to a renewed peace process,” but insists the US will remain “”constantly present, constantly engaged””:

Iran appears to be increasingly depended on trade with China, but Western pressure leaves it little choice:

The Palestinian counterpoint, “Menachem Begin, who … is infamous for his role in the Deir Yassin massacre, has museums, streets and many public spaces across Israel named after him”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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