News and Analysis (4/15/10)

“Kufr Aqab’s residents have to pay taxes to the Israeli authorities, but they get virtually nothing in return,” yet the “population is booming” because Palestinians from outside the city who marry Arab Jerusalemites are not allowed inside the Wall:

The decision to “formally undermine powers granted to it under the Constitution … seemed to be an acknowledgment of the reality that the elected Parliament was often blocked from fulfilling its role as a watchdog over the [unelected] institutions of state”:

US hopes to have the embargo targeting Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and a network of Iranian companies and financial institutions controlled by the Guard passed by June …

… in the meantime, alarmists muster support by impuning an as yet unreversed National Intelligence Estimate that there is no evidence that Iran  intends to produce a nuclear weapon in the next five years:

Seeking “a political outcome, crafted by Afghans,” McChrystal says the goal “is to strengthen the government and weaken the insurgents so that when negotiations come, they can produce ‘reasonable outcomes’”:

Robert Wexler concedes, “you’d have to have blinders on not to recognize that there are issues in one arena that affect other arenas”:

The “anonymous suspects” who “set fire to two cars outside the mosque” signed their vandalism with a star of David on the mosque wall:


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