News and Analysis (4/16/10)

With Obama’s promise to close Guantanamo unfilled, hu8s administratin now “envisions that a small number of suspected terrorists captured in the future could be detained and interrogated in an overseas prison”:

The involvement of Egypt, not the kidnapping of Israelis, is the primary reason Hamas decided to act…

… Meanwhile, Hamas’ decision to execute “collaborators” (the first since taking power) convicted in military court without approval from President Abbas is likely to further divide Palestinian politics:

Exposing war crimes rather than remaining silent and complaint, Kam could now face up to life imprison as a result of her actions:

“The investigation was severely hampered by intelligence agencies and other government officials…which impeded an unfettered search for the truth”:

Knowing about her experience with FGM and a grandmother who said one boy is worth fifteen girls helps in understanding one of Egypt’s most influential and controversial critics “of all religions”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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