News and Analysis (4/17-18/10)

“Threatening with nuclear weapons only dishonored the American government officials and more fully exposed their inhumane and aggressive policies” – Ahmadinejad:

Believed to be one of the major sources of political strife between Israel and the Palestine, 0ver 250,000 Palestinians have been arrested and detained since 1967:

The perceived schism between Karzai and the international community may jeopardize his ability to maintain control and leadership over Afghanistan:

Approximately 2 million Somalis have sought refuge elsewhere since 2007, as on Somali worded it,”[t]here is no freedom in Somalia, only death.”

“There has never been a tool built from the ground up specifically to address the way in which the regime does its Internet filtering… We really hope that Haystack will be a one-to-one match for how the regime implements censorship” – Austin Heap, co-creator of the software:

Sectarian violence remains the top threat to the stability of the Iraqi government:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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