News and Analysis (4/23/10)

In what could open up the flood gates for routinely removing Palestinians from Israel and the West Bank and deporting them to the Gaza strip:

Boasts of the end of sectarian violence in Iraq are clearly premature:

Working within Obama’s planned 2011 drawdown of troops, officials debate the most efficient and effective strategy to counter Al Qaeda:

Under the threat of protests and the politicization of his report on the Gaza invasion:

“We were tortured for four long months continuously… Whether you recognise or not, whatever they want you to say, they keep torturing you and the prisoners. They died in the torture”:

“Amid fears that severe energy shortages could touch off riots, Pakistan will announce drastic measures this week to save electricity, including a shorter workweek and restrictions on nighttime wedding celebrations”:

“The real tragedy is that we’ve had relative peace for the past year and no progress at all on negotiations… Hamas is in this halfway world, with one foot in the arena of militancy and violence”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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