News and Analysis (4/25-26/10)

Sadr says he is “ready to provide hundreds of believers … to be official detachments in the Iraqi army or police to defend the holy shrines, mosques, praying houses and their cities ” with the consent of the government …

… Meanwhile, the increasingly drawn-out process of forming governing coalitions is more about personalities than policies:

As the Taliban benefits from “sanctuary and support in another country, learning to be more discriminating in targeting their attacks, and fighting a government that’s both weak and reliant on direct external support”:

Taking advantage of “low morale” amongst Iranian officials:

With the US’s only effective tool, its aid to Israel, in the hands of Congress, not the White House, Abbas doesn’t explain how he expects Obama to implement his request:

“The fact that this march took place has been seen as extremely provocative; a highly aggressive gesture on the part of the settlers — people really hell-bent on driving Palestinians from their land”:

Calling the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians during World War I “‘one of the worst atrocities’ of the 20th century and ‘a devastating chapter’ in history” is more precise and less reckless than his campaign promise to call it genocide:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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