News and Analysis (9/24/19)

“Kashmiris’ rights were at the forefront … [and] intricately linked to the fear many Muslims continue to have under the current US administration, given the leaders of both countries are known for their anti-Muslim stances”:

“Researchers found that, of 549 collected cases, 26% were children who were separated from their parents due to the travel ban. An additional 37% were partners who were split apart” …

… while at the U.N. the author of the “ban on Muslims coming to America, vowed without a hint of irony at the United Nations to protect freedom of religion”:

“‘The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran’ … tells the story of hawks in Israel and the U.S. spending more than a decade agitating for war against Iran” …

… but while the public is loathe for U.S. involvement in any military response to the attack, one survey suggests public support could be rallied by fooling Americans into believing “Iran’s nuclear capabilities as a threat”:

O’Brien’s attempts to effect prisoner swaps with Iran stalled because Iran would negotiate only “with higher-level U.S. officials. Suddenly it would appear that O’Brien fits that description almost perfectly”:

“FIFA said on Saturday it would be working with the Iranian football federation to develop plans for women to attend domestic matches in the Iranian league as well”:

“[I]t was important to stand up to … their agenda of intolerance. “We should always be able to engage in civil discourse, even the most difficult or sensitive topics without resorting to violence”:

In cancelling the award the German city declared Shamsie’s opposition to Israeli occupation and apartheid “is clearly in contradiction to the statutory objectives of the award and the spirit of the Nelly Sachs Prize”:

Protest IS a form of jihad:

“The oil tanker is ‘now free to leave the Southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, as the legal formalities have been observed and completed,’ according to Iran”:

The U.S. “will stand behind whatever actions the Israeli government takes, … [and] Congress is poised to lay the ground for a American peace plan that will only guarantee perpetual conflict”:

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