News and Analysis (5/19/10)

Refusing to take yes for an answer, US obtains votes from the other permanent security council members for Iranian sanctions:

“[H]e was most definitely tortured and Canada … ‘in a sneaky and illegal fashion, participated in the abuse’”:

He is ineligible to run for President under the Emergency Law, but the “anything-but Mubarak” coalition’s support of ElBaradei poses the most likely route to breaking the cycle of oppression in Egypt:

Turabi is arrested again as, separately, a video evidence of election officials stuffing ballot boxes results in a Sudanese Supreme Court order to repeat a state assembly election:

Accused of intervening in government affairs, Ahmad Wali Karzai believed to be involved anti-government activities:

The law calls for a punishment of 150 Euros and “citizenship classes” for those caught wearing a full Hijab:


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