News and Analysis (5/22-23/2010)

“The Obama administration has won the legal right to hold its terrorism suspects indefinitely and without oversight by judges — not at Guantanamo or in Illinois, but rather at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan”:

Questions about gender equality emerge as women continue to challenge the traditional separation of men and women during prayers:

Unable to pay government employees a full salary for almost two months, Israel’s blockade is now causing a major budgetary shortfall for Hamas:

Without a plan B, Obama has bet all his chips that “the Kandahar operation, backed by thousands of U.S. troops and billions of dollars, will break the mystique and morale of the insurgents, turn the tide of the war”:

Without international pressure, a non-violent strategy for Palestinian statehood has limited chances for success:

In what could have serious implications for US/Pakistani relations, the report indicates a Pakistani Major spoke to Shahzad as he was parking his SUV in Times Square:

Trade has always been an integral part of Duabi’s economy and now Dubai has become one of the smuggling capitals of the world:


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