News and Analysis (5/24/10)

While Israel is eager to cover up its role in nuclear arms proliferation, the “ANC government is not so worried about protecting the dirty laundry of the apartheid regime’s old allies” …

… while Western powers reject the Turkish-brokered deal closely resembling the one the US offered in October 2009, arguing with a now bigger stockpile means Iran “could still be left with enough for a nuclear warhead” …

… Yet, it’s only been a month since President Obama stated that the US and Turkey must “work together to overcome the challenges of our time”:

A US official defends the policy claiming no shots are fired in 4 out of 5 night raids and civilian casualties occur in less than 2% of raids, while the father of a 9th-grade fatality insists, “There were no Talibs here — none”:

The Afghan government estimates there are about 40,000 Taliban members to be reintegrated into Afghani society:

Pakistan faces difficult decisions with pressure from the US to gain control over North Waziristan, a move that experts say “could trigger a backlash of terrorist attacks from within the heartland”:


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