News and Analysis (5/26/10)

“The evidence was part of an emphatic American warning that there would be ‘inevitable pressure’ on the United States to take action if there was an attack traceable to Pakistan that resulted in U.S. casualties”:

“I would work anywhere else, for less money, without a second thought,” says one worker, but there is no alternative; “It’s either this or stealing,” says another:

An advocate of free markets, but not an apologist for American foreign policy, Saif Gaddafi is one of three sons competing to replace their father, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi:

“Without producing any evidence, Schlussel accused Fakih’s family of being card-carrying members of the Lebanese extremist group Hezbollah”:

Purportedly reviving a strategy used to gain control over Afghanistan in the 1990’s, Taliban kill village elders to render communities compliant with the murderers’ demands:

As Israelis debate whether the withdrawal from Lebanon was in their best interest, Hezbollah has no doubts about the value of armed resistance to occupation:

Behind the Pakistani predilection for conspiracy theories lie “very real reasons for Pakistanis to be skeptical of the United States”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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