News and Analysis (5/28/10)

Reflecting a shift from the post 9/11 narrowly military approach, how long before the new strategy yields results?

“[T]he mounting international concern over drones comes as the Obama administration legal team has been quietly struggling over how to justify such counterterrorism efforts while obeying the laws of war”:

Treatment of Arab activists denied attorneys for weeks and put under a gag order only partially lifted Thursday provokes a call for a special investigation:

The reported death of “Pakistani Taliban” leader Fazlullah could have consequences for the entire region, including a massive military strike in North Waziristan threatened by Pakistan:

Water shortages have the potential to be as destabilizing as any other crisis effecting Pakistani / Indian relations:

With a political divide of Sudan looming, how much longer can Bashir expect to maintain control:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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