News and Analysis (6/2/10)

As Israeli officials pledge “this ship will be stopped as was the case with the other Gaza flotilla ships earlier in the week …

… a now freed Kuwaiti lawmaker reports “Israelis roughed up and humiliated all of us – women, men and children… They were brutal and arrogant, but our message reached every corner of the world that the blockade on Gaza is unfair and should be lifted immediately” …

… but Israeli arrogance in the face of international criticism continues as one Israeli writer calls the siege “Israel’s Vietnam”…

… and Davutoglu compares the impact of the attack on Turkish public opinion to 9/11’s effect on America:

What challenges and opportunities will arise for the PA and Hamas in light of Israel’s latest attack?

“The death of al-Qaeda’s third-ranking leader in a drone strike was portrayed by U.S. officials Tuesday as a severe setback to the terrorist organization. But if history is any guide, the network will have no problem replacing him”:

Questions of legitimacy surround the Peace Jirga with attendees hand selected by government officials and no representation from the Afghani opposition:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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