News and Analysis (6/4/10)

Resembling Bush-era policy, Obama has quietly expanded the use of secret forces in the war against Al-Qaeda to 75 countries worldwide:

Israel’s level of media control, as in the case after the invasion of Gaza, may make it impossible to determine what actually happened without further leaked evidence …

… and that is exactly the point, as demonstrated by Israel’s flat rejection of the call of 32 nations to investigate potential violations of international law …

… Yet, peace activists refuse to be intimidated as the MV Rachel Corrie attempts to break the Gaza blockade, even as Israelis arrest the Michigan woman who chairs the flotilla:

“Gazans contradict Israeli claims that aid flotilla’s mission was redundant as there is no humanitarian crisis”:

There is a consensus that peace without negotiations is impossible, but the “Taliban has dismissed the jirga as a ‘phony reconciliation process’” and insist “that there can be no negotiations until all foreign troops leave Afghanistan”:


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