News and Analysis (6/8/10)

“At least 20 Somali Americans have joined the militia, including an Alabama native whose nom de guerre is Abu Mansoor al-Ameriki” who “has starred in propaganda videos to attract more foreign fighters”:

With Rafah crossing “used primarily for the passage of persons, not goods,” an analyst says,  “The administration has accepted the Israeli and Egyptian position”:

Rejecting the UN call for an international inquiry, an Israeli lead investigation would likely be met with skepticism and doubt of its validity:

Amnesty International challenges the legality of a strike with no attempt to detain alleged militants: “The fact that so many of the victims were actually women and children indicates that the attack was … grossly irresponsible….”:

With democracy stalled in Iraq, President Talabani calls for Parliament to meet on June 14:

Calling the deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil “an opportunity for the US administration and for its allies,” the Iranian president says, “this opportunity… We say that this opportunity will not be repeated”:

on this,” says Cook. “They’re going to try to work with the Israelis about how things can go into Gaza without undermining Israeli security.”

Biden, Mubarak on same page

Those measures might include easing the blockade on Egypt’s side, but Egypt’s move last week has not radically changed the situation for Gazans.

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