News and Analysis (6/10/10)

Examining the implications of Iranian sanctions and the perceived decline of US influence abroad…

… Meanwhile, UN sanctions will likely transform Iran’s level of cooperation with the IAEA

A kiss is just a kiss? Not in Saudi, where it is treated like fornication:

Resigned Afghan National Security Director Amrullah Saleh reportedly thinks:

Formed in response to horrifying “images of massacred Muslims” in Bosnia, the IHH has had a difficult time shaking allegations of past links to “global jihad”:

In a poll of Israeli Jews after the flotilla raid, 61 percent said Israel should not adjust its tactics to curry favor with the international community… Eighty-five percent of the 500 polled said that Israel either did not use enough force or used the right amount of force”:

Can Obama finally pressure Israel into meaningful negotiations by speaking against the blockade and pledging an additional $70 million to Palestinians?


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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