News and Analysis (9/30/19)

Serb separatist hate speech includes mocking the SDA’s embrace of liberal reforms and sparks a rise in hate crimes:

“A 60-year old woman and 13-year old boy were killed and three wounded in shelling over the Line of Control (LOC), near the informal border with India, on Saturday and Sunday” …

… and “19 people interviewed by The Washington Post across 13 villages in southern Kashmir … alleged abuses by the armed forces in the days after India launched a crackdown in the disputed region” …

… as “Modi’s hard-right agenda is rolling on, unimpeded by significant opposition in India. His latest attack: on 1.9 million undocumented people, with the intention of displacing Bengali Muslims from northeastern India”:

“Kenneth Katzman, the Congressional Research Service’s Iran analyst, [says] that predictions of the imminent meltdown of Iran’s economy are unfounded”:

“Apparently, Montazeri has missed the point that Iran, as a member of FIFA, has accepted the rules and regulations of the international soccer body” …

… as Trump has missed the point that the U.S. accepted the Iran nuclear deal:

Finding no books in the public library on “Muslim women in history who inspired” them, the young women “realised that there was a lack of representation and diversity in the books we had access to”:

“The basis of all religion is compassion and justice”:

“Israel sealed off the West Bank and Gaza Strip for three days for the celebration of the Jewish new year, according to the military on Sunday”:

“Arbeed was … was harshly beaten by the Israeli forces using their guns. He was then taken to the al-Mascobiyya interrogation centre in Jerusalem and an order was issued, banning him from meeting his lawyer”:

“The man the LA Times once hailed as ‘the finest rock songwriter after Dylan'” says the implication that if “you are not a white Christian … you’re not a real American … [is] incredibly destructive, divisive, and harmful”:

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