News and Analysis (10/4/19)

Special Branch Police refused to explain its special interest “in Muslim students … as it is a matter of national security…. However, they promised that the bureau has already abandoned the order”:

Gashi benefited from Gulf charity scholarship money that enabled him to study in Medina, but didn’t adopt “the ultra-conservative doctrine practiced there, and the religious establishment did not like his “modern opinions'”:

The Guardian Council approved the legislation after “parliament amended the bill to condition granting citizenship to children who have been found to not ‘possess a security problem'”:

“I’m embarrassed to say this but my opinions on Islam used to be that the religion, the culture and the people were backward; that they didn’t integrate and wanted to take over”:

President Rouhani presented a plan dubbed the Hormez Peace Endeavor. According to Iran’s FM, All regional states and the global community have an interest in protecting freedom of navigation and energy security for all:

“The 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the remaining signatories can still be saved after the U.S. withdrawal but Iran must return to the full implementation of its commitment”:

“Their own, independent relationship with the [Qur’an brought] … faith that Allah’s plan was for me to twirl onstage in a skirt so that I could eventually find not only myself, but Allah, like many [Sufis] … centuries before”:

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