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News and Analysis (7/22/20)

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Because the “legislation … is unlikely to be embraced in the Republican-led Senate, … it appears the issue will be fought out in the US presidential election contest”:

African-American Muslims want to know why Arab-American Muslims are peddling alcohol, pork, and racism:

“Since its inception, the state of Israel has adopted a militaristic approach to policing its Palestinian population.” After 9/11, the “US began to travel to Israel for training in so-called counterterrorism and counterinsurgency.”

The deal increases US weak global position, particularly in the Middle East after Trump’s withdrawal from several international agreements, ceding global leadership to China …

… and the potential economic-political cooperation between China and Iran could further reduce the value of India’s ties with Israel and US already challenged by Trump’s unstable and unpredictable foreign policy …

… but between Iran’s wariness over dependence on a foreign power and China’s expectations of US cost imposed on companies that aid Iran, Tehran and Beijing are likely to delay the deal until after US November election:

Young Canadian photographer Alia Youssef attempts to counter typical stereotypes about suppressed Muslim women through a photo project reflecting the vastly different experience of Muslim women …

… while Sarah al -Amiri works to shatter stereotypes of Muslim women by becoming head of science operations and deputy project manager for space probe UAE is about to send to Mars:

Bari Weiss “made a career as a Zionist warrior, often smearing anti-Zionists in ways that she is quick to call McCarthyism when others employ the same methods”:

In 2016, Michigan went to Donald Trump by 10,000 votes. The Biden campaign knows there are 150,000 Muslim voters n Michigan:

“Israel has recently banned Palestinians from holding activities or events in East Jerusalem and has shut down many organizations and arrested several of their employees and activists in the city”:

“Pakistani villagers living along a highly militarized frontier in the disputed region of Kashmir accused India on Wednesday of intentionally targeting civilians, but they vowed never to leave”:

News and Analysis (7/19/20)

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

“The secret authorization–issued sometime in 2018–offered the US spy agency more freedom to both conduct cyber operations and choose its targets without the White House’s approval”:

“Iranian law allows those convicted to appeal again even after an appeals court has upheld the original verdict”:

Voluntary actors work alongside NGOs; mutual aid is non-hierarchical, non-bureaucratic, and more sustainable in the longer term:

Ukraine’s foreign minister said any conclusion should come from international investigation:

Muslim women are increasingly successful in a genre with a “traditional lack of diversity and popular depictions of women and Islam”:

Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela says that when Israelis ask “Where is the Palestinian Mandela?” they are deliberately distorting the legacy of his “revolutionary, intellectual and freedom fighter” grandfather:

“Iran is signaling Europe and a potential Biden administration after the United States November election that US an Europe policies threaten to drive the Islamic republic into the arms of China”:

The mysterious fires in Iran continue …

… will Tehran respond using old methods of retaliation?

“An array of loitering munitions, often dubbed ‘suicide’ or ‘kamikaze’ drones, that could very soon revolutionize the way wars are fought in … [the] volatile” Middle East:

News and Analysis (7/15/20)

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

After a Muslim employee’s report that George Floyd tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill led to the accused’s murder by police, the store’s Muslim owner says that it “will no longer call the police on customers”:

All opposition parties condemned Erdogan’s decree to shut down “a nonprofit private university known for its high educational standards”:

… while in England, “Prevent strategy appears to have had the effect of discouraging free speech within universities” pressuring students, especially Muslims, “to say the ‘right thing’, or to be quiet” …

… and Amnesty International accuses Iran of “an alarming escalation in use of the death penalty against protesters, dissidents and members of minority groups”:

Israel’s demolition of Zakariyya al-Battik in 1950 have erased its original history and identity; a recovered 700-year old document is a testimonial of the Palestinians’ root in the region:

With the mysterious incidents in Iran now spreading to include ship fires …

… an analyst identifies four “reasons Israel might be waging its shadow war more overtly — which could backfire” …

… but who is behind the hijacking of the oil tanker the U.S. has implicated in a money laundering scheme involving Iran ‘s Quds Force?

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri of the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council said; “the choice of Croke Park is symbolic to Irish Muslims in their dual identity as being both Irish and Muslims”:

“Iran has delayed providing international investigation with the flight’s black box recorder but has reportedly pledged to provide it to French investigators on July 20”:

Jammu and Kashmir are smothered between Covid and Indian repression:

China is more interested in “energy security” than “in cultivating a vassal state in the Middle East”:

News and Analysis (7/12/20)

Sunday, July 12th, 2020

After decades of violating the Qur’anic commandment Sudan scrapes laws that made it illegal for non-Muslims to drink alcohol and that criminalized conversion from Islam “potentially punishable by death”:

Palestinian-Dutch supermodel Bella Hadid says that the removal her post reflects a trend “to restrict Palestinian digital rights and free expression” …

… and the failure in Palestine of the “international legal regime [that] was meant to help end colonialism … threatens its very existence”:

Racial equality people still fight for today, reflects Muhammad’s revolutionary and the still unrealized racial message he outlined in his Farewell speech as “the basic religious and ethical ideals of Islam.”:

Founder Al-Khatahtbeth explains that the “Muslim platform doesn’t limit or restrict any expression of the faith”:

“Despite the past experience of the Bosnian War, and recent white supremacist attacks, many European experts, officials and pundits, appear to focus on extreme groups that have a Muslim background”:

“Off-screen, they have taken charge of their stories, proving that they never needed to be spoken for or rescued, but for a meaningful reflection of this reality in cinema, Muslim women will have to write their own stories”:

Key among the many mistakes that contributed to the tragedy were a misaligned radar, traffic control’s failure to identify the plane as civilian, and a,military unite that fired without authorization:

The oppression of Jammu and Kashmir continues:

Amendment introduced by Democratic Congresswoman Nita Lowey will provide aid to Palestinians through non-governmental organizations:

News and Analysis (7/9/20)

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

While numbers of US businesses were shut out of the Relief packages, pro-Israeli nonprofit organizations benefited heavily:

“Palestinian residents face widespread discrimination, most lack citizenship and many live in fear of being forced out” …

… as is demonstrated by a Jerusalem court’s eviction of a family from the home they built 30 years ago and the destruction of a centuries old cemetery:

Chinese investment, a Syrian military alliance, and the opposition of both foes and friends to America’s attempt to manipulate the UN Security Council all attest to the failure of “maximum pressure” tack:

Would the one-state solution under the current Israeli system guarantee Palestinian equal rights?

While many people are resorting to social distancing, Abdelaziz, a psychiatrist and Muslim Chaplin, works full-week providing spiritual healing for Muslims and non-Muslims patients:

His works introduced the decimal system (“Arabic numerals”) to Europe:

How India forced Imran Khan to abandon a bi-lateral negotiation for international intervention:

News and Analysis (7/7/20)

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

“In light of the evidence that the US has provided to date, the targeting of General Soleimani, and the deaths of those accompanying him, constitute an arbitrary killing” — UN special rapporteur:

“Contrary to USAID’s comments …, Lloyd does not refer to ‘radical Islam’ in any of these posts but the entirety of the religion”:

The council charges the government put Muslims but not the alt-right under surveillance “despite the increasing Islamophobia and hate speech directed at Muslims in New Zealand”:

Trump’s poor negotiation skills and aggressive approach to Foreign policy have undermined Iranians who support dialogue with US:

With evidence mounting that the Nantaz centrifuge fire was due to sabotage, Iran vows revenge if a foreign cyber-attack is behind it; the retaliation could come in cyberspace:

“While officials have defended the practice as a life-saving measure, civil rights groups attacked it as an assault on privacy rights”:

The incident of online retailer sheds light on the need for cultural education before embracing cultural diversity and inclusion:

Palestinian President Abbas congratulates Merkel on the presidency of Council of EU and thanks her for supporting international law and speaking up against annexation:

News and Analysis (7/2/20)

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Based on Israeli Absentee Property Law, On June 30, The Jerusalem District Court denied the Sumarin family’s appeal to remain in their home they built 30 years ago even though the family was never absent from the house

… lending support to the Palestinian claim that world outrage over annexation aims to keep “alive a grand illusion that allows them to sleep at night instead of addressing the systematic oppression Palestinians face”:

“Iran … denounced the U.S. effort and said the embargo must be lifted completely as scheduled, and that any violations of the deal are due to the U.S. withdrawal from the accord and sanctions imposed on Tehran”:

“The targeted killing of Mr Soleimani completely swept away the standard related to extraterritorial use of force by a state” — Agnes Callamard, UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions:

President Hafiz-Ud-Dean Khan urges school heads to make assessments and provide assistance for students affected by coronavirus:

Salam Lakhani, an activist, businesswoman, and philanthropist who has acquired many human rights awards, has been named for the highest-ranking officers in the province by Prime Minister Trudeau:

As the atrocities in Kashmir mount, affecting the mental health of children, Muslim states still prefer words to action:

“When he cited the Indian constitution to stop the cop from beating him up, other police officials gathered to rough him up even more”:

Pompeo calls on International community to stand up to China’s repression and dehumanization treatment of Muslims:

Former Prime Minister of Palestine Salam Fayyad said: “To restore full agency in our quest for freedom and dignity, it is time for the Palestinian leadership to absolve itself of an earlier declaration”:

News and Analysis (6/29/20)

Monday, June 29th, 2020

“Mayor Sam Liccardo said he expected any officer who made ‘racist, anti-Muslim or menacing comments’ to be fired”:

“A number of Lebanese media outlets … [defied] a judge’s ruling that banned local and foreign media from featuring her statements after she criticised Iran-backed Hezbollah in an interview last week”:

Interpol is refusing to prosecute the assassination on the grounds that “its guidelines for notices forbids it from ‘any intervention or activities of a political’ nature”:

“First, we have to fight when our loved ones are abducted and now we must flight for the simple right of internet access” — Mahrang Baloch, Baloch Students Action Committee:

“The state regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, and forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion on hundreds of thousands, the interviews and data show”:

Caught between India’s oppression, internal disputes within the peaceful resistance, and natural disasters, Jammu and Kashmir see a renewed militancy:

A generational shift recognizes the similarity of police treatment of minorities in America to colonization tactics coincides with rising international opposition to Israel’s annexation plans:

Muslim youths compassionate rescue of an injured bull goes viral:

US sanctions against Iran hasten Tehran’s plan towards self-sufficiency:

News and Analysis (6/26/20)

Friday, June 26th, 2020

On Wednesday Rouhani said that “Tehran would be open to talk with United States if apologizes for quitting the nuclear deal and compensates Tehran”:

Ted Cruz’s attempt to crack down on Twitter for not carrying Iranian communications clearly violates the Berman Amendment’s prohibition against any form of regulation of speech protected by the First Amendment:

Bolton’s account shows that he sided with the interests of Netanyahu and the Saudi royal family over the those of the United States:

“Israel is quietly carrying out a campaign to displace Palestinian communities from the land it plans to acquire in the northern West Bank”:

While a pro-Israel super PAC “got a speech from … the campaign’s national security advisor,” Palestinians could only speak to a Muslim outreach manager with “no control over foreign policy” …

… meantime, a Congressman who for “31 years … has embodied the Democrat Party establishment’s hawkish politics on Israel: staunchly opposed to any U.S. pressure on Israel over human rights abuses” loses:

Arab Gulf regimes sold out the Palestinians for “weapons and spyware sales, military training, intelligence sharing, and joint diplomatic efforts“:

The multilayered oppression: A child is killed and Kashmiri women fighting political violence while subjected to enduring patriarchal discrimination:

Anti-Muslim rhetoric depicts Muslims as Villains; American Muslims struggle for acceptance while accommodating to their religious practices:

“Biruni’s scholarly legacy has inspired scientists and mathematicians for several centuries, and his name continues to command respect even today”:

News and Analysis (6/24/20)

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Populism would replace national identity based on a narrative history of common values with one based on a common enemy; for America that is a reversal from a country of immigrants to a country against immigrants:

Sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander the BJP’s India:

Bolton revealed Trump’s support of China’s “policy of placing Muslims in mass internment camps” on the same day Trump signed the Uyghur Human Rights Protection Act; but U.S. hypocrisy on the issue goes back decades:

Several Muslim groups of St. Louis marched together in support of BLM and call Muslims to “stand for justice-as prophet Muhammad did”:

“[T]he draft has little support among major powers at the U.N., reflecting Washington’s isolation on its Iran policy”:

Trump Administration Unveils Security Council Resolution Extending Iran Arms Embargo (Foreign Policy)

Girish, Assistant Professor of Law, said: “The hate mongers who were active since the district was carved out of Palakkad and Kozhikode on June 16, 1969 have received a renewed vigor ever since BJP came to power…”:

Hindutva fanatics will not allow a film to be made about the intellectual-turned-freedom-fighter who took up arms against the British occupation of India:

A 27-year-old man “was shot at [a] checkpoint in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank … and left to bleed to death for more than an hour after Israeli soldiers banned a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance from treating him”:

“There had been fears the Hajj might be cancelled altogether”: