News and Analysis (7/9/20)

While numbers of US businesses were shut out of the Relief packages, pro-Israeli nonprofit organizations benefited heavily:

“Palestinian residents face widespread discrimination, most lack citizenship and many live in fear of being forced out” …

… as is demonstrated by a Jerusalem court’s eviction of a family from the home they built 30 years ago and the destruction of a centuries old cemetery:

Chinese investment, a Syrian military alliance, and the opposition of both foes and friends to America’s attempt to manipulate the UN Security Council all attest to the failure of “maximum pressure” tack:

Would the one-state solution under the current Israeli system guarantee Palestinian equal rights?

While many people are resorting to social distancing, Abdelaziz, a psychiatrist and Muslim Chaplin, works full-week providing spiritual healing for Muslims and non-Muslims patients:

His works introduced the decimal system (“Arabic numerals”) to Europe:

How India forced Imran Khan to abandon a bi-lateral negotiation for international intervention:

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