News and Analysis (7/22/20)

Because the “legislation … is unlikely to be embraced in the Republican-led Senate, … it appears the issue will be fought out in the US presidential election contest”:

African-American Muslims want to know why Arab-American Muslims are peddling alcohol, pork, and racism:

“Since its inception, the state of Israel has adopted a militaristic approach to policing its Palestinian population.” After 9/11, the “US began to travel to Israel for training in so-called counterterrorism and counterinsurgency.”

The deal increases US weak global position, particularly in the Middle East after Trump’s withdrawal from several international agreements, ceding global leadership to China …

… and the potential economic-political cooperation between China and Iran could further reduce the value of India’s ties with Israel and US already challenged by Trump’s unstable and unpredictable foreign policy …

… but between Iran’s wariness over dependence on a foreign power and China’s expectations of US cost imposed on companies that aid Iran, Tehran and Beijing are likely to delay the deal until after US November election:

Young Canadian photographer Alia Youssef attempts to counter typical stereotypes about suppressed Muslim women through a photo project reflecting the vastly different experience of Muslim women …

… while Sarah al -Amiri works to shatter stereotypes of Muslim women by becoming head of science operations and deputy project manager for space probe UAE is about to send to Mars:

Bari Weiss “made a career as a Zionist warrior, often smearing anti-Zionists in ways that she is quick to call McCarthyism when others employ the same methods”:

In 2016, Michigan went to Donald Trump by 10,000 votes. The Biden campaign knows there are 150,000 Muslim voters n Michigan:

“Israel has recently banned Palestinians from holding activities or events in East Jerusalem and has shut down many organizations and arrested several of their employees and activists in the city”:

“Pakistani villagers living along a highly militarized frontier in the disputed region of Kashmir accused India on Wednesday of intentionally targeting civilians, but they vowed never to leave”:

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