News and Analysis (6/26/20)

On Wednesday Rouhani said that “Tehran would be open to talk with United States if apologizes for quitting the nuclear deal and compensates Tehran”:

Ted Cruz’s attempt to crack down on Twitter for not carrying Iranian communications clearly violates the Berman Amendment’s prohibition against any form of regulation of speech protected by the First Amendment:

Bolton’s account shows that he sided with the interests of Netanyahu and the Saudi royal family over the those of the United States:

“Israel is quietly carrying out a campaign to displace Palestinian communities from the land it plans to acquire in the northern West Bank”:

While a pro-Israel super PAC “got a speech from … the campaign’s national security advisor,” Palestinians could only speak to a Muslim outreach manager with “no control over foreign policy” …

… meantime, a Congressman who for “31 years … has embodied the Democrat Party establishment’s hawkish politics on Israel: staunchly opposed to any U.S. pressure on Israel over human rights abuses” loses:

Arab Gulf regimes sold out the Palestinians for “weapons and spyware sales, military training, intelligence sharing, and joint diplomatic efforts“:

The multilayered oppression: A child is killed and Kashmiri women fighting political violence while subjected to enduring patriarchal discrimination:

Anti-Muslim rhetoric depicts Muslims as Villains; American Muslims struggle for acceptance while accommodating to their religious practices:

“Biruni’s scholarly legacy has inspired scientists and mathematicians for several centuries, and his name continues to command respect even today”:






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